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Explore Broome the fun way with our Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are easy to ride and affordable so what better way to explore Broome and its beautiful surrounds.

Parking is easy, so grab a group of friends and scooter your way around Broome or just simply scooter by yourself and enjoy the breeze through your hair!

Our E-Scooters

Our e scooters are Segway Ninebot e Scooters and they have a range of 60 kilometres and a top speed of 25 kmph.

They are completely legal to ride on the footpath. We provide a helmet and security lock.

The loud, crisp ring of the bell is sure to alert riders and pedestrians and to provide enhanced safety when riding.

If you hire the electric scooter for more than 1 day, we provide you with a charging cable.

Any break downs, simply call us! (08) 9192 8844.

Nine-bot Segway Scooter

Sunrise E-Scooter

Just what you need for that Cable Beach sunset!

Call us for the best rates in Broome!

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